DUVET made in FIORONI garments are the result of a unique artisan know-how.

The final result is attained, in fact, through a very specific process. The fabric is woven using spe-cially modified machines using a number of tricks which are the fruit of years of experience. This allows the presence of much more yarn within the knit, which thus becomes much more compact. Consider the fact that a crew neck sweater in 100% cashmere widely regarded to be of good qual-ity weighs approximately 220 g, while the same 100% cashmere pieces undergoing the DUVET made in FIORONI process will weigh approximately 350 g using the same model.

The garment is washed exclusively in water from Lake Trasimeno, using an intensive washing sys-tem that lasts for about 50 minutes; whereas a 100% cashmere garment is normally washed for between 3 and 6 minutes, but with the use of soaps or fabric softeners.

The naturally iron-rich waters of our lake, in combination with this special weaving technique and the intensive washing, allow the fibre to expand fully. The result is a knit garment with a unique “hand” which, above all else, is completely free from pilling.