Authentic processing by hand


Everything originates from the production of the design and its transformation at the hands of our specialised knitters into a true piece of artistry, characterised by appropriate proportions that will define the cut and fit of the piece. A highly complex process that varies from yarn to yarn.



Il disegno, con tutti i dati tecnici preparati dalla maglierista, viene consegnato ad un tecnico specializzato per dare inizio alla tessitura delle singole parti costituenti la maglia. Non c’è limite a chi progetta un capo di maglieria e tutte le tipologie di punti possono essere realizzate: rasati, links, trecce, jacquard, intarsi ecc.


This stage consists of transforming the yarn into a knitted garment. The process can be carried out by hand — which is the case for small garments produced on upright handlooms — or on elec-tronic machines with computerised processes. It is at this stage that the thread tension is decided upon, which also depends on the colouration and the fineness of the yarn.


This stage is also called “machine linking by hand” since the manual element of stitching the garment is fundamental. The items of knitwear are assembled using “circular” sewing machines. These machines have a ring of needles that vary from fine to thick depending on the fineness of the knit. Each piece is slipped by hand onto each needle, one by one, to then be sewn with the same thread that the knit is made from, using a darning needle that simulates the manual darn-ing technique. This operation is repeated for each part of the knit to be assembled: sleeves, sides and shoulders, including the flounces at the collar, cuffs and hem.


A seguito della cucitura a rimaglio, nelle parti cruciali dell’assemblaggio, ossia collo, polso, fondo maglia e sotto manica, la maglia viene terminata con dei punti eseguiti necessariamente a mano con lo stesso filo della maglia. 


This is one of the fundamental stages in the production of each FIORONI CASHMERE garment. It is at this moment that the appearance to be given to each of these garments is decided. After a manual pre-ironing stage that prevents the formation of creases and marks, all our knit garments are washed with water from Lake Trasimeno, whose mineral properties give them a unique soft-ness and appearance. We use various types of washing processes, which vary based on the yarn used, the fineness of the knit and the colour itself.



After fulling, each garment is subjected to further pre-ironing by hand for a verification of its true measurements.


 Over the years, we have perfected the skill of producing — entirely by hand — garments of excep-tional quality that combine knitwear with exquisite leathers such as chamois, deer, crocodile or fabrics in pure cashmere, virgin wool and alpaca.



As well as the buttonhole embroidery and the application of buttons, every single Fioroni garment is made unique by a distinctive mark applied by hand: a cashmere thread in contrasting colours that seals the stitching and the label to enhance the value of the purely artisan work.


The final inspection is performed by placing the sweater on a luminous mannequin, to enable ex-pert eyes and hands to identify even the slightest imperfection.


This process of manual ironing with a steam iron allows the structure of the garment and, above all, its final measurements to be set.

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