From the Orient to Lake Trasimeno

Only the finest cashmeres from China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Indian Kashmir arrive here, on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. Here, in the heart of Umbria, where weaving is an artisan tradition stretching back to Medieval times. Here, where the most exquisite of yarns was first worked by the local expert artisans beginning from the nineteenth century, when it was discovered and brought to Europe by English merchants of the East India Company. Here, where FIORONI has been operating since 1978, remaining true to the ancient know-how passed down from generation to generation as well as to the region, taking inspiration from its natural beauty and benefiting from the unique properties of the water of the Lake itself, all with a deep ethical commitment to its ecosystem.


Over 40 years of passion and the search for excellence

In 1978, on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, a small artisan workshop was opened specialising in the processing of cashmere.


A single sewing machine and a single artisan.

Since that year, over the course of the decades, the company founded by the Fioroni family has grown, supported by an authentic, excellent know-how, the choice of the best, natural yarns and innovative research into combinations of yarns and exclusive hues. In 2015, FIORONI was purchased by the prestigious Neapolitan tailoring company Cesare Attolini Napoli,

under the guidance of the Attolini family, the way has been paved for a new company structure and corporate expansion,

based on the desire to strengthen the roots of the company while not only preserving its precious artisan know-how, but celebrating it even more. Today, in fact, FIORONI can pride it-self in being one of the first five Italian companies to have introduced the product traceability certification system “Italian Textile Fashion”, approved by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and based on monthly controls relating to the origin of raw materials and the production process, which must be carried out completely internally from the very first stage to the last.


In the constant pursuit of perfection 

China, Mongolia and India are the main regions where Hircus goats are bred, and it is there that we choose our cashmeres. This precious raw material originates, in fact, from the undercoat of these unique goats. 

Al di sotto del manto esterno, più grezzo, si trovano delle fibre eccezionalmente morbide e sottili, concentrate in un'area ristretta

For our knits, we exclusively use this pure raw material.

The cashmere fibres are collected by combing or shearing the animal during the shedding season, which takes place in spring and lasts several weeks. Sorting by hand is then carried out to remove the coarser hair. Following this, the fibres are washed to eliminate dirt, grease and other impurities. We then proceed to the “dehairing”, namely the removal from the washed material of matter which includes vegetable substances, dandruff and what remains of the layer of coarser outer hair. Afterwards, the fibres are ready to be spun and finally woven or interwoven. What distin-guishes the cashmere used for our garments — including those featuring darker hues — is the colouration process that is carried out, always starting from a pure white raw material. This choice is testament to the use of only the very finest fibres and lends a unique richness and vi-brancy to our knits.

Although it is synonymous with the highest quality cashmere, FIORONI also uses exclusive superfine wools from New Zealand and yarns from the best Italian and Scottish spinners. 


Authentic processing by hand

Thirty artisans, guided by expertise, passion and attention to every last detail, give life to high-quality knitwear garments assembled by hand and distinguished by their exclusively hand-sewn finishes. Each one of these must pass several different quality checks.

This is how a FIORONI garment is created.



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